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Sarah Whitman, MS
Sarah Whitman is the founder and publisher of She has a master's degree in holistic nutrition and has developed recipes, research papers and other materials to advocate better diets for dogs.
Your Dog's Diet

About this course

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Your Dog's Diet is an online course designed to empower you to improve your dog's diet with homemade food. This class was designed by Sarah Whitman, MS, founder of Sarah is your instructor for this class. Enjoy!

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Course Structure

  • Unit 1 - Why Does My Dog's Food Matter?
    • Unit 2 - History of Trouble
      • Unit 3 - Supporting the Body's Vitalism or Homeostasis
        • Unit 4 - Getting Started: A Transition for Both of You
          • Unit 5 - Branching Out, Stocking Up & More
            • Unit 6 - Functional Foods Part 1
              • Unit 7 - Functional Foods Part 2
                • Unit 8 - Taking Care of the Individual
                  • Unit 9 - Time Management
                    • Unit 10 - Using Commercial Products
                      • Additional Tools
                      • Sample Recipes