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Sarah Whitman, MS
Sarah Whitman is the founder and publisher of She has a master's degree in holistic nutrition and has developed recipes, research papers and other materials to advocate better diets for dogs.
Your Dog's Diet

About this course

We are hard at work developing this new online resource for you and your dog. Email me with questions. Thanks, Sarah

Course Details and Syllabus

Diet is an important aspect of health, whether it's yours or your dog's. Striving for high quality and safety is a fundamental aspect to establishing feeding protocols. A look into the status of commercial pet foods indicates a diet consisting of human-grade foods is inherently safer than a diet of commercial foods.

Education is paramount to the success of advocating and executing a home-cooked diet for dogs. Information in this course is gathered from many sources, including collaboration with veterinary professionals, nutritionists and dog advocates, and my research in graduate school.  It is also a personal mission of mine, as a lifelong dog parent and foodie. The goals of this course include:

  • Empowering you to improve your dog's diet
  • Addressing fear many pet parents have about changing diets
  • Highlighting results of studies focusing on specific risks and threats within commercial dog foods
  • Transitioning from a “one-size-fits-all” dietary approach to the canine diet, instead focusing on the individual dog's needs
  • Learning time management
  • Offering personal support to every student

Materials include:

  • PDF handouts with topic highlights
  • Audio insights regarding unit topics
  • Unit readings: research reviews, experiential information, philosophy of homemade diets and more
  • Sample recipes
  • Functional food information
  • Personal check-in opportunities with Sarah and more

The proposed course structure is evolving.

This class is for informational, educational purposes and is not designed to replace excellent veterinary care.

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 - Why Does My Dog's Food Matter?
  • Unit 2 - A History of Trouble
  • Unit 3 - Supporting Vitalism or Homeostasis
  • Unit 4 - Getting Started: A Transition for Both of You
  • Unit 5 - Branching Out
  • Unit 6 - Functional Foods Part 1
  • Unit 7 - Functional Foods Part 2
  • Unit 8 - Taking Care of the Individual
  • Unit 9 - Time Management
  • Unit 10 - Using Commercial Food, Treats and Supplements
  • Additional Tools
  • Suggested Reading and Resources
  • Sample Recipes